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Is wireless communication safe?

In Sweden, the health authorities have now recognized that there are people who can no longer tolerate the microwaves we are surrounded with everywhere. Sadly, this is still an isolated case of recognition of a very serious issue.

The Bamberger Appeal

175 German doctors appealed to the German authorities for immediate actions regarding the electromagnetic radiation in the Bamberger Appeal. The letter was signed by the doctors and submitted to the authorities in Bavaria.

The Bioinitiative Report

Published in September 2007, The Bioinitiative Report concludes that there might not be a lower limit for electromagnetic radiation and recommends that guideline should be 9000 times LOWER than the current ICNIRP Guideline values

Wi-Fi Refugees. Electrosensitive people try to escape wireless technology.

Electromagnetic radiation and disease

The possible link between exposure to electromagnetic radiation and diseases like asthma and allergies, diabetes, Alzheimer's, depression, sleep disturbances and sterility should be investigated.

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